Fish Cakes Are Popular in Asia

Fish Cakes Are Popular in Asia

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Fish is often sold in Chinese groceries, as it is used in a number of recipes. For example, fish balls are often used in recipes, as are fish cakes. Fish balls often contain MSG or monosodium glutamate as well as fish meat, starch, salt and sugar. Fish cakes, on the other hand, usually do not include the MSG. Fish cakes are often used in recipes because of their texture and tastiness.

Fish Cakes Popular

In fact, fish is often added to noodles, as it gives them a zesty and healthful flavour. However, the fish cake is just not a Chinese specialty; it is used in various countries. The cake is similar to a croquette in appearance and is made up of a filleted fish that is coated in batter or breadcrumbs before it is fried. The fish cake, in some households, is seen as a way of making the most of leftover food that otherwise would have been thrown away. Some cooks like to add salmon to the cakes.

Types of Fish Fillings

At one time, cod was used as a fish filling in some parts of the world. However, as these stocks have dwindled, the makers of cakes use one of various white fish, such as whiting or haddock. The addition of salmon gives the fish cake a whole new flavour sensation.

Types of Fish Fillings

How Fish Cakes Are Served

Salted fish has been used in fish cakes too. The cakes may be prepared without batter in some countries, and therefore are made with eggs or potatoes before being formed into patties and fried. Because fish is traditionally part of the diet of people who live next to the sea, these areas frequently see the use of fish cakes in various cuisines. You can add on fish cake in your noodles or choose to add it to soups, stir-fries, or dim sum or in a hotpot. The fish cakes can also be deep-fried and consumed as a snack.

Fish cakes are especially popular, when cooked in the above ways, in such countries as Japan, Korea, Singapore, China and Vietnam. The food is called surimi in this part of the world. How the fish cakes are made and served depends on the fish that is used. It is also dependent on what is used for the batter, or if the cakes are boiled, baked or fried. Some places in the world include added ingredients, such as herbs, spices, bacon or shrimp.

Fish Cakes Served

Fish Cakes Are Made Differently Depending on the Location

The fish cakes you eat in China can be entirely different from the fish cakes that are featured in such places as Yorkshire, England. In Yorkshire, the fish cake is often served in fish and chip shops. The cake is made up of two potato slices that are parboiled and cuts of fish that are deep-fried in a batter. The cakes are also referred to as fish patties or scallop fish cakes.  In addition, the cake is sold as a parsley cake in West Yorkshire in England. This cake is made up of minced fish, fresh parsley, and mashed potato and deep fried in bread crumbs.

If you eat the cakes in Vietnam, they are made up of fresh fish as well as flour. They can be either boiled or fried.

Fish cakes are popular cakes in Asia and throughout the world. How they are made depends on your location.

Depending on the Location

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