For most, the choice to eat meat every day is so ingrained they forget to ask why a meat alternative might be a better choice. You love to cook, and your passion for a well-cooked meal brings joy to your life. With modern advances in meatless products and protein substitutes, your recipes stand to see new heights of nutrition and overall deliciousness. Even your most diehard meat enthusiasts will beg you for your recipes when you utilise products created with Mycoprotein. Take a moment to consider the many reasons such an addition to your cooking will only increase the overall appeal of your already amazing meals. For your convenience, here are just a few of them.

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Meat Alternatives Are Healthier

Meat today, whether it be red meat or poultry, is extremely processed and filled with any number of harmful chemicals and high salt levels in order to increase its shelf life. Unless you raise your own cows and chickens, you simply have no true way to guarantee the meat you eat is healthy and organic. Non-meat foods offer the same amount of protein and even add minerals and vitamins not otherwise found in meat. For those new to the vegetarian lifestyle, it can be difficult to say goodbye to a favourite meat. For that reason, Mycoprotein was created. This revolutionary non-meat product is used to give the eater the same taste, look, and texture of the meats they love without any of the added fat or stress over low fibre. In fact, this amazing product is so similar to meat, your guests may not even know the difference unless you make it clear to them. Any recipe you make is sure to be enhanced with the substitution of these products, and classics such as curry are made even more delicious. Rather than chicken, consider a Quorn and Chickpea curry recipe for your next dinner. You will taste the quality in every bite.

Meat Alternatives Are Healthier

Help the Environment

You help the environment when you choose non-meat protein foods over meat. Just one gram of meat protein might require twenty-six times more land, water, and fossil fuels to produce than one gram of Mycoprotein. With fewer resources wasted in its creation, you can rest easy in the knowledge that every meal you create with this amazing product helps the environment retain just a bit of its natural beauty. Few or no chemicals and pesticides are released into the water and soil and plants are significantly less affectedover the same amount of production time. Every single time you choose a Mycoprotein product over a red meat or poultry, you do your part in the protection and conservation of the environment. No matter when you decided to cut meat out of your life, the choice could not have come sooner. Your health is just as important to you as it is to the environment, and you have the unique opportunity to keep your world alive and well with this amazing alternative. Bring a new level of flavour and nutrition to your recipes, and your guests will never know the difference.

choose non-meat protein foods over meat.

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