Fabulous Food Facts For Your Most Important Family Member

Fabulous Food Facts For Your Most Important Family Member

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Confusions and dilemmas are the part and parcel of selecting the best food which is nutritious as well as delicious for your special family member. What is healthy and what is not. What is safe and what is not. What to treat with and what not to, so on and so forth.

Nutrition is a critical issue for your dog’s wellbeing. It also plays a crucial role in the behaviour and activities of a dog. Therefore food selection should be done on the basis of extensive research and consultation with an experienced veterinarian.

Subsets within Homemade and Commercial Food

  • Homemade food may be a pack of cooked food or raw food. It may also be a combination of both.
  • In the commercially formulated category, there are wide varieties of kibbles, frozen foods, and canned foods.

Most of the dog parents find it difficult to provide a balanced and complete diet for their pets. Therefore, it is a popular trend now to buy Dry Dog Food or any other form of formulated commercial dog foods to ensure a balanced and complete dog food.

For the sake of better understanding about the type of food your dog should have, you should first look at the history of foods for dogs.

Foods that Dogs are Designed to Eat

  • Dogs have very powerful hinged jaw joint. They have canines and sharp, triangular carnassials to rip and tear off flesh and crush bones. Their short gastro-intestinal system is designed for perfect meat digestion.
  • Historically, they are descendants of wild Asiatic and European wolves, who fed chiefly on preys. Carrion and scrapes were also part of their diet.
  • Only within last century, they have been introduced to cooked and formula foods.

What should be the Basic Ingredients of Your Pet Dog

As already discussed, whenever you go to buy commercial dog foods; from the market or buy them online, look for the basic essential ingredients on the pack. They should be as follows.

  • Meat and bone meal. It contains more protein. There should be animal fats also to provide omega-6 fatty acid
  • Cereals, those are the good source of carbohydrate, vitamin B, and fibers. Ground white or brown rice, oatmeal, and barley are ideal.
  • Prebiotics like to aid in digestion.
  • All essential minerals like iron, calcium, sodium, potassium etc.
  • Vitamin A, B, C, and K are the essential ingredients in a dog’s daily diet.

To be the best pet parent you should provide your companion the best food for a healthy and joyful life.

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